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Installing Windows 7 from an iPhone Tietokoneet


So you don’t have a CD drive, a USB drive or another computer to boot from, and you need to get your PC updated right now? You could use your iPhone to call for help, but that’s for amateurs, right? As it turns out, you can actually use the phone as an external mass storage drive and install Windows 7 (well, any operating system for that matter) to your PC or laptop pretty easily!

What you’ll need

  • A computer that supports USB boot
  • A jailbroken iPhone or an iPod Touch with enough free space on it (4.5GB should be enough for all operating systems)
  • USB cable for the phone
  • Windows 7 image and something to extract it with (D-tools, MagicIso)
  • MBRWizard (download the free command line version)
  • Patience

Step 1: Setting your iPhone up (the hard part)

1. First off, clear some space on your iPhone, so the Windows 7 image will fit comfortably. 4.5GB should do fine.

2. Open Cydia on your iPhone, search for USB Drive and install it.

3. Once USB Drive is installed, create a virtual disk (set the size at 4.5GB)  and give it a nice name. This’ll take a couple of minutes. Don’t worry.

4. When the virtual disk has been created, select “Drive only” on the USB Drive software, and reboot your iPhone.

5. Connect the phone to your PC, and you should see your virtual disk as an external drive.

6. Format the drive using the default settings (go to My Computer -> Right click on USB drive and select Format from context menu)

7. Go to the Start Menu -> run -> cmd (Open Command Prompt) and type in the following command

convert e: /fs:ntfs (“E” is your USB drive letter, make sure it’s the right drive. This’ll take a minute or so.)

8. Install MBRWizard by just extracting it somewhere (be sure to remember the path)

9. Go to Start menu -> run -> cmd

Go to directory where you have extracted MBRWiz and run the following commands

mbrwiz /list (you’ll find your iPhone drive by the name and/or the size, note down the number)

mbrwiz /disk=X /active=1 (X is the number you just wrote down)


Step 2: Setting up the image

1. Mount the Windows 7 image with Daemon Tools, or extract it with MagicIso or something similar.

2. Open up a command terminal (Start -> run -> cmd) and hit the following commands

x: (if you mounted the image, replace X with the drive letter you have)


cd x:\WindowsImage (if you extracted the image, go to that directory)

cd boot

bootsect /nt60 e: /mbr (replace “E” with your iPhone drive letter)

You should get a “Succesfully updated NTFS filesystem bootcode” message.

3. Copy all the files from the Windows 7 image to your iPhone drive (do not copy the image itself, but the contents!)


Now reboot your computer, and select USB boot from the BIOS settings, and voilà! You should get the Windows 7 install screen. If not, you clearly did something wrong!


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    Cool! Det visste jag inte förut!

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