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It’s time for my last post in this blog. The exchange is officially over as I’ve been on Finnish soil for a couple of days now. Thank you to everyone who made the time awesome and thank you to all of my readers! The blog was a lot more successful than I ever thought it would be: I’ve been updating it and people have been reading it. I don’t think my mom’s been the only reader as there’s been over 4,500 visits from all over the world.

The experience was something I’m not even going to try to put into words, so I decided to tell it with pictures. Looking over all the pics brought up a lot of great memories, and I’m sure not everyone is in these pics, but there’s too many to choose from. If anyone of the exchange people feel like commenting for the final time, here’s your chance! Thank you again to everyone! Enjoy the final set of pics!

Aga and Alex, when you still needed a coat in Cannes

One of too few dinner parties

The American dude and Lindsay in St. Paul de Vence

How we opened a wine bottle in the train

Sometimes even strangling people was fun

Sophie didn't like waiting in Brussels

Experiencing Heineken

The scarf that got lost and was found again

When I taught Julian how to open a bottle with an umbrella-ella-aa-aaa

Sometimes people played the piano outside

When it rained in Monaco

People doing funny faces

Wessel pulling off his moves. I don't think they worked.

The American dude doing what the American dudes do, I guess?

Hilary calling a random person

Swedes being Swedish

When we got backstage

Arzu and Jakob. They're German so no funny jokes here.

The night I don't really remember

Miro pulling off his moves. I'm not sure they worked either.

Just chillin'

Warren explaining how it is

The Asian people are short

Not totally sure what's going on here

Girls, girls, girls

A Swede and a Finn in total harmony

The time my cellphone still worked

I forced my way into playing a piano in a restaurant in Cinque Terre, slightly under the influence. Well, I say slightly..

School's out

And that's how it was


The last days

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During the last week of my stay a couple of friends came to visit. The first night all of us, the guys, me and my gf went to a barbeque night at the American dude’s apartment. It turns out it was the last time I got to hang out with any of the exchange bunch as later on the schedules conflicted. It was a nice night, and a lot of people turned up.

Later during the week we visited Villefranche, but then the weather turned a bit bad and it rained a lot. We did manage to get to Èze, however, which has one the best views around the French Riviera. We also managed to squeeze in an afternoon at the Juan-les-Pins beach, which was completely packed like I’d never seen before. There was almost no room for us–I guess I left just in time!

The dudes in Villefranche

The view from Èze

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School: Business Model Innovation and Sustainable Development

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The last course I had was a so called seminar, with three consecutive days from the morning till the late afternoon. It was a truly interesting course and the professor seemed to be into what he was teaching. The point was to understand that not all economic growth has to come from selling more items: you can sell miles instead of tires or lighting systems instead of light bulbs.

We also learned that the subject isn’t just hippie talk, but that pretty much all key resources are getting more and more expensive and it doesn’t make any sense to throw stuff simply in the bin. If you feel like normal courses are boring, this might be a good one to attend: it was interesting and short, and above all, there was no exam.

The course is worth 3 ECTS.

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Even though I’ve been back in Finland for a day now, I still have a couple of things that need to be written. After visiting Paris for a few days, we headed out to Disneyland some 30km from the city. I’d found a good deal for the tickets on eBay saving around 25e per ticket, altho spending that much at the park is no problem.

The park’s theme is, well, Disney stuff, but some of it is pretty creepy. One of the boat rides goes through a fantasy land where all kinds of puppet people sing a happy tune. If they had dimmed the lighting and introduced some slightly out of tune harmonies, I would’ve been properly scared.

Some of the bigger rollercoasters were pretty cool though, some were going 360 in all sorts of ways. If you don’t feel like waiting, you can get a Fastpass ticket which gives you a time slot when you can get ahead of the line, which is pretty convenient.

While the majority of people were families with small kids, there were a lot of couples in their 20’s and 30’s. Actually, the people without kids seemed to be enjoying the most as all the kids seemed to be crying and their parents looked like they wanted to murder them.

On a side note, it’s funny but even after being in summery conditions for quite a while now, it only feels like proper summer once I came to Finland. And yes, it’s actually warm here, believe it or not!

A stunt show

Magical, but not revolutionary

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Paris, je.. crois que vous etês ok

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It’s taken ages to write this one, but here goes. On Wednesday last week I headed up to Paris and met my gf there. We had booked an apartment through, and everything went smoothly. The place was located pretty perfectly as it took around 7 minutes to walk to the Notre Dame and the Louvre.

The weather was great the first day after which the temperatures plummeted well under the 20C mark. Even with the not so nice weather we wandered around the city and noticed that if you don’t feel the urge to wait hours in lines to go and see the Mona Lisa or get on top of the Eiffel tower, it’s possible to see a lot in three days. I got to see pretty much everything I wanted apart from the Arc de Triomphe–but one can always just Google that. Instead, I got to experience random schlager singers in the metro and supposedly mute people trying to rip off tourists. Actually, maybe the local police was Jesus, because after a brief encounter with the officer one of the mute ones miraculously started talking!

All in all I did like Paris a lot, but with all the hype around it you still feel a bit disappointed. I think three days isn’t enough, and that the city has more to offer than a couple of famous buildings if only you knew where to look.

Art shops by the Seine

The tower

A metro stop

Me by the Sacré-Coeur

Seine by night

The gf, vol. 2

The Notre Dame (to photography people, not a HDR pic, just looks like one!)

Turtles and a dude in Jardin des Plantes (animals in a plant garden?)

Picard Surgeles has a cool concept: a supermarket that sells only frozen food


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